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Share Your Story

Remember, we’re looking for your stories about sharing your gifts. You can submit a series of still photos and a textual story or a 1-3 minute video that showcases:

  • Your personal talent or skill
  • The talents or skills of your church’s  ministry
  • Stories of how others have shared their gifts with you

By submitting a presentation or video that showcases your individual talents or gifts, you’ll be helping us and others realize the powerful potential when we share our gifts and talents with others. There is power in a specific story.

Talk about your giving:

  • Where did this gift come from?
  • What has your gift given you?
  • What delights have you discovered in giving or in receiving?

Here are some tips to help you with creating your presentation or 3-5 minute video:


  • Make sure that there is ample light
  • If filming outdoors, mornings and late afternoon work best
  • If filming indoors, try to choose a plain background and turn most lights on


  • Do your best to minimize background noise – we want to be able to hear you
  • Turn off all TVs and Radios
  • Mute cell phones
  • Make sure the microphone on your cell phone or camera is set medium to high volume


  • If possible, use a tripod to hold your camera steady
  • If using a cell phone, be sure to turn on the anti-shake feature
  • Film in horizontal/wide/landscape mode (16:9)
  • Use HD mode or FHD mode, not UHD or 8K mode
  • Keep the video between 3-5 minutes. We will do the final editing.

Still Photos

  • Most cell phone these days do a good job of adjusting for lighting
  • Set the Flash mode to Auto
  • Capture images in horizontal/wide/landscape mode (16:9)
  • Be sure to turn on the anti-shake feature


If you have questions, please contact Linda Ness