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Anthony Tucker tells of his journey as a young boy, beginning in Sierra Leone at age 11. His first contact with the Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Synod was through the then Bishop, The Rev. Mark Herbener.

The NT-NL has been in partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sierra Leone and it was through this connection that Anthony first came to the United States with a group of young musicians called Jublilee Singers who traveled the country sharing their music.

A few years later he was able to reside in the US to pursue a program of study in Texas. From very humble beginnings, Anthony was given the gift of hospitality by members of the NT-NL and has now been able to establish a very good life for himself, his wife, beautiful child, and has been joined by his sister and his mother here in the United States. Anthony is a member of Advent Lutheran Church in Arlington, Texas where he regularly plays percussion in worship.