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Ascension Lutheran Church began in September 1964 in Garland, Texas. As the congregation grew, they worked with many missions in the area. The congregation ministered to people with AIDS during a time no one did; used funds to buy and furnish a home for Mosaic; traveled to Central America twice and the Holy Land twice; and their Octoberfest was always successful.

In 2017 they sold their property and moved into the Fellowship Hall of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church. Soon the congregation decided that they would not start a new church; rather, they would use the money from the sale to fund various ministries and nonprofits that would grow with God’s grace.

The congregation had intended to close on Ascension Sunday in 2020, but COVID kept them from coming together for an ending celebration. They spent the next 13 months worshipping on Zoom.

On June 27, 2021, Ascension Lutheran Church, with the blessings of Bishop Gronberg, and prayers of Rev. McCord, held its last worship.

Words from the Rev. Kathryn McCord
I was privileged to serve as the Interim Pastor for Ascension Lutheran for the last 3 years. Together we went from sadness and confusion to an intentional closing. What was remarkable to me was the intentionality of the congregation. They were determined to work together, listen to each other, comfort each other, and look to the future.

Financially, they knew the money they received from the sale of the building would not finance a new place. They were determined that the money should continue their mission in the world and in the community. The congregation had decided to close officially on May 31, 2020 with a big party – but the pandemic cancelled the plans. So we went to Zoom to stay connected.

As this happened just before Lent, I suggested a Wednesday night Zoom also for ‘blessings and worries.’ We had many prayers together over the last year. These meetings kept the community together. Since we had no tech or music group, we watched other churches’ online services and I added communion at the closing.

Even though the closing service was on June 27, 2021, some members had not yet found their next church. I certainly hope that they are welcomed to their new churches. I expect them to be as active and intentional in their new place as they have been for over 50 years at Ascension.

Ministries that received gifts from Ascension Lutheran Church

  • NT-NL Mission Endowment Fund
  • Outlast Youth
  • Lutheran Campus Ministry
  • ELCA Fund for Leaders
  • ELCA Disaster Relief
  • Mosaic
  • Redeemer Lutheran Church
  • Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
  • Good Samaritan
  • Church of the Damascus Road
  • Hope Clinic