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Jon Krueger

Actor, Director, PLM
Faith Lutheran Church, Wichita Falls

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Jon Krueger is a Parish Lay Minister (PLM) from Faith Lutheran Church, Wichita Falls.  He completed the PLM Academy in 2005 and has currently been authorized to fulfill more complete pastoral needs for Trinity Lutheran Church, Wichita Falls, Texas.  His professional background is as an educator, with a BS in Occupational Education and an MBA in Human Resource Management.

He served the U.S Air Force for over 41 years as an Education & Training Manager and Master Instructor – first as a Non-Commissioned Officer while on active duty and is now retiring from civil service this year to dedicate his time to serving God, wherever He sees fit.  He has been involved in theatre arts since the age of six, performed in countless productions across three continents, and has acted in, or directed, 32 plays for Backdoor Theatre, Wichita Falls.



Jon as Rev. Hopkins in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Jon as DeLacey in Nick Dear’s Frankenstein