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Duntrune Castle in Scotland, the McCallum Clan Castle

Linda McCallum Ness does NOT claim to be an expert but acknowledges that it is a gift from God to take joy and pleasure from the act of creating, whether that may be painting, acting, composing, giving, performing, teaching, praying, or in any way of working with your hands. There is a prayer in each of the sculptures she creates.

Linda, has served as the Executive Director of the Mission Endowment Fund in the Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Synod since 2018, following in the footsteps of Ms. Hattie Hammer, who led this Board for many years, watching the size of the fund grow and overseeing the growing number of grant each year. The Endowment Fund has grown since its first grant of $5,000 in 1996, to granting a total of almost $1,000,000. The fund is now approaching an investment of $2 million, which enables congregations and organizations to be funded and supported as new ministries, community outreach, and programs to the under-served are being developed in clever ways.

“Quilted” Pitcher, a Study in Texture

The MEF pivoted to an online fund-raising campaign for the first time last year. Early in 2021, the 16 member Board voted to create a second online presentation this year, not knowing where the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic might be this fall. With great inspiration, the idea of searching our Synod for the gifts that our members are bringing to their congregations took shape. And the theme, Gifted and Giving… How Grace Works was launched. Linda’s video is only one of 20 stories by artists, singers, composers, poets, and creators (who are truly experts!) to glorify God by offering their gifts in acts of generosity – all showing How God’s Grace Works in our lives.

On October 16, a portion of each of these videos will premiere on Facebook and via our special website. The Celebration of Gifts final video will tell the story of the impact on ministry by the talent within our Synod. Bishop Erik Gronberg will lead the commentary. You are invited to view each of these videos separately – and you will be inspired! And also join us for the premiere on Oct. 16 at 10:00 am.

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My Sisters and Me
Vases made for cut flowers
Small Cross