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Mount Olive Lutheran Church

Gifts of Service and Music to South Dallas
Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Dallas

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Gifts of Service and Music to the Southern Dallas Community

Mount Olive has been a recipient of grants from the NT-NL Mission Endowment Fund to support its programs for the community youth. Not only have the members of the church provided educational programs that involve both the youth and their parents, but also have supplied back packs and school supplies for many years. Ms. Helen Beaujour has been instrumental in the development of this very effective program for many years.

Helen Beaujour with one of the Blessing Bags ready for distribution.

The Mount Olive Frances Byrd Horn of Plenty Food Pantry serves the needs of the Southern Dallas community, operating on Wednesdays from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. In this video, Helen Beaujour tells about the food pantry and the Blessing Bags that are given to those who need food or school supplies. The children are thankful for what they receive.

Mount Olive has been a beacon to the African American community in Dallas through its Sunday morning worship and dedication to the youth of South Dallas. The NT-NL is grateful to Mount Olive for its witness and outreach in the Southern Dallas area. Thank you, members of Mount Olive, for sharing your gift of generosity and music to your community.

Rev. Todd Bruning
Ms. Tanya Brown

In addition to providing assistance of all kinds, Mount Olive also offers worship services featuring talented vocal and instrumental musicians, including Pastor Todd Bruning and Ms. Tanya Browne, who is also featured in this video. Ms. Brown is just one of many talented musicians at Mount Olive Lutheran Church. She has been blessed with the gift of vocal music and, on many Sundays, she shares her talent with her church family. Tanya was born in Brooklyn, NY into a musical family of pianists, organists and singers. Through God’s grace, music has always been a central focus in her life and spiritual journey. Tanya especially loves to sing an reinterpret hymns. She studies the words and phrases with the hope of clearly articulating their spirit. In this way, Tanya is not just singing, but she is serving as a vehicle through which the gospel is spread.