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Rev. Neil White

Rejoice Lutheran Church – Frisco, Texas
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The artwork on the cover is called, “Creation,” based on the Proverbs 8 portrayal of Wisdom (a feminine character) taking part in the act of creation. My daughter, Jey White, is the artist. It was a great project for me to share ideas and see her develop them into something visually beautiful.

Creative Words: Poetic Reflections on Creativity, Creation, and the Power of Words

Words can describe reality, but they are also capable of creating new purposes, behaviors, shapes, and meanings. The poems in Creative Words are a part of the author’s own search for something expansive and deep in our relationship with God, the world, and one another.

In many religious traditions, wisdom and words are active forces in the creation of the cosmos. These poetic reflections celebrate the connection between creation and creativity, imagination and inspiration, myth, wonder, feeling, and the strange and mysterious power of words.

Here the inquisitive reader will find a mixture of moods and topics, and a sense of balance; the poems can talk about depression and anxiety but also hope and joy. These poems are neither universally optimistic nor brooding.

Although deeply formed by faith, most of the poems in this collection are not overtly religious. This is poetry for religious and laypeople who enjoy creativity, poetry, and words.