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Spencer Berry and Family

Musical Family
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Amarillo

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The journey into music for our family stems primarily from our father, Kenneth. Growing up, he learned to play fiddle and was talented enough to land several gigs around Lubbock (his stomping grounds throughout his youth), with his father accompanying on guitar. Once old enough, we three kids, Spencer (7), Dalton (5), and Kendra (2), Kenneth and D’Ann asked Spencer and Dalton if we were interested in violin lessons, to which we responded enthusiastically, yes.

Violin lessons started then and continued until each of us was 18. Naturally, we found ourselves joining the school orchestra. In middle school, while attending a school variety show, Spencer caught the attention of the choir director while singing along. Spencer was convinced to join the choir, which he enjoyed, and soon after Dalton and Kendra also became involved in choirs. Spencer particularly had a fascination with piano, and that was encouraged through the generous gift of a church friend, Jo Kendall. Spencer began piano lessons just before freshman year of high school, and Kendra was soon enrolled in piano lessons as well. Both continued those lessons until 18. Somewhere along the way, we each got involved with the church choir, even including our mother, D’Ann, who previously had not had much musical background! We’ve now all been involved with the church choir for over 15 years. Spencer and Kendra were involved in other musical groups in college, both spending time in a choral group at Texas A&M University, and Spencer enjoying a brief stint with the college symphony orchestra at West Texas A&M University. We’d all likely say that our music journey has slowed down quite a bit over the last several years, but we enjoy the opportunities that we do have through church to share our talent!

More about the Berry Family: Spencer Berry works primarily as a Systems Engineer (web/software developer) for AgWorks/MyCropTech in Amarillo. His wife, Tanya Berry, teaches science at River Road High School in Amarillo. Spencer and Tanya have been married for almost 6 years, and have a two-year-old son, Royce. His father, Kenneth Berry, serves as Director of Operations for Performance Cattle Company in Amarillo. Spencer’s mother, D’Ann Berry, is a Clinical Liaison for Vibra Hospital of Amarillo. Kenneth and D’ann have been married for 39 years and are the wonderful (and proud) parents of Spencer, Dalton, and Kendra. Spencer’s brother, Dalton Berry, lives in Lubbock, Texas, and works in landscaping. He and his wife, Anna, have a son, Shep, a daughter, Finlee, and are expecting a third child later this year. His sister, Kendra Massey, has a career as a loan officer with Amarillo National Bank. She and her husband, Michael, have been married for nearly three years.